Yolŋu Studies Livestream Lecture Series

"We would like to establish a communication... I learn your culture, your language and way of life and I expect you to come and learn my language and culture [so] to understand me better..."
Ṉärrkama (aka Yiŋiya) Guyula, April 2013

This page presents the summaries of the Yolŋu Studies livestream lecture series that our study group has compiled. The study group meets every 2nd Wednesday at 6pm in Canberra to watch a lecture and discuss it afterward. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact bookings@allianceaustrale.org

Next lecture: 6pm, Wednesday 15th October at LAW G021, Law Building, ANU (access and parking off Fellows Lane) (Map here). Please join us!

Past lectures...

Lecture 01: Gululu (Welcome)

Lecture 02: Wäŋa (Land/Home/Homeland)

Lecture 03: Mälk ("skin name")

Lecture 04: Gurruṯu ("kinship")

Lecture 05: Waŋarr, warrakan ga dharpa (Totems, animals and trees)

Lecture 06: Ŋatha, warrakan, miyalk ga ḏirramu (Vegetables, meat, men and women)

Lecture 07: Culture and Identity

Lecture 24: Gurul (Visiting, meeting)

Lecture 25: Land - essence of healthy living

Lecture 26: Flood waters as a metaphor

Lecture 27: Dharapul - funerals and sacred business

Lecture 28: Education, learning who we are

Lecture 29: Semester 2, 2014 Introduction

Lecture 30: Kinship with the environment

Lecture 31: Close the gap by educating Governments

Lecture 32: Yolŋu seasons and bush tucker

Lecture 33: The Mukarr - My families ancestral turtle hunters

Lecture 34: Dhapi - an initiate and discipline

Lecture 35: Riŋgitj - Clan Affliation

Lecture 36: Yäku mala - Yolŋu Names

Lecture 37: Buḻanybirr - Dolphin