Yolŋu Studies Livestream Lecture Series

Lecture 32: Yolŋu Seasons and bush tucker

Lecture link: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/2047566/events/1840804/videos/60407280

[Watched in the College of Law, Room G021, ANU, 6pm Wednesday, September 3rd 2014]

In this lecture Ṉäkarrma elaborates on how the land gives signs and signals through the various seasons as to what food sources are available and abundant

DISCLAIMER: at the present time these quotes may not be completely accurate, they are reminders of what we felt were important points in the lecture. In time we hope that we can correct them and more fully complete the transcription. If you have any issues or corrections that you would like to offer, please contact us at bookings@allianceaustrale.org

"There is a sign there [in the land] - what does it mean?"
"You don't burn other people's properties."
"This time of year there are very valuable businesses ... the sacred ceremonies are in progress ... last week we just finished ... then we hunted ... down south ... there is the same thing up here ..."
"Hibiscus flowers ... tells a story ... shines a light on something ... it tells a story that baby juveniles [sharks] are ready ..."
"But there in the bush, nature provies through signs..."
"That's a yarrpany guku [honey] that an ancestral creator gave songs and ceremonies and also chopped down this ... I won't go into who sing and dance ... Yirritja Guku is for the yirritja clans."
"Up here in the north we always use a lot of sugar ... because our taste was always sweet ... this is where it comes from, it comes from eating sweet honey ... now we do the same thing with horrible ... sugar ... most of our teeth and body parts are being damaged."
"If you need to learn more, come up and live with us"
"It always 'let the nature do everything for you' where it can."
"Mangrove worms ... It makes another delicacy ... I eat it with mud and all - manymak mirrithirri ŋatha! [very good food!]"
"Aged care centres here - people are always eating unhealthy foods"
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