Yolŋu Studies Livestream Lecture Series

Lecture 26: Flood waters as a metaphor

Lecture link: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/2047566/events/1840804/videos/52367715

[Watched in Studio 3 of the Ethel Tory Centre, ANU, 6pm Wednesday, June 24th 2014]

In this lecture Ṉärrkama uses different kinds of flood waters as a metaphor to describe different ways that cultures can interact.

"... the ripples in the water are communicating ... as it calls out it creates a unity with the land downstream ... "
"... Another flood came along that was the missionaries ... they've introduced flour and sugar ... and that was the start of a flood of confusion ... there was a bit of a clash in the beginning, and then it worked out allright."
"...that flood was the Intervention rushing in ... destroying everything ... destroying beliefs, destroying culture, destroying language ..."
"... [in] 2012 people said 'Intervention is over now' ... the debris is still there ..."
"... another flood is still rising, called Stronger Futures ..."
"...the foreign dominant powers are walking all over us, we are being swamped ... through FACHSIA and now boarding schools ..."
"...its only one way talk, its the Government saying 'we know what's best for you'"
"...Help us to stand on firm foundations just by listening to us ... Let me tell my story ... let me come and tell you ... "
"Come to our table and let's talk, let's create something, let's do a research about life ..."
"... if we talk in a manner that we can both understand each other, and don't expect me to understand you only, I'd expect you to understand me as well ..."
"... This Intervention has made the children grow wild ..."
"... the flood that we know or the flood that has come to hit us is not the flood that we know - the peaceful flood, but its a flood that devastated the feelings of our people its a flood that's devastated the feelings of our people, devastated the nature of country, devastated the culture in our life ... "
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